A question about the Blur logo

21 Apr 2010

I’ve recently been playing a lot of the Blur beta and I must say that I think it’s a welcome change to the recent batch of racing games. Its fast, fun and not so serious. However this post isn’t a review of the game, it’s about the logo and the name.

As some of you may know, one of the biggest bands in the UK in the 90′s was Blur. Fronted by Damon Albarn (now of Gorillaz fame) they’ve released 7 albums so far and are quite a big thing. My first thought when I heard of the game Blur was of Blur the band. It’s so rooted in my mind that I find it hard to distinguish between the word Blur and the band. But never the less Blur is a good name for a racing game. When paired up with the game’s logo though the similarities between the game and the band become too close for comfort.

Now putting them next to each other you may thing there’s a lot of difference and what am I whining about. But look at the forms of the letters. The game’s logo is pretty much the same except for the letters being a bit more squashed and spaced apart. The b may have some detail on it but overall it could be quite easy to mistake the game’s logo for a revamped version of the band’s logo.

I’m not a logo designer but I would assume that if you are designing a logo for something with an identical name as an established band you might want to make the logo a bit different. I can’t imagine that no-one involved didn’t pick up on this.

What do you think? Do you agree or have a turned into an art critic with an attitude?